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Win more deals through your professional network

We help you cultivate a profitable professional network so you can grow your business — without the spammy tactics.

Your network is full of untapped potential

But here’s the rub … the high-value connections in your network won’t become high-value customers if you aren’t intentional about your networking efforts. We help you network profitably by crafting a memorable brand message, then reinforcing that message through LinkedIn content and structured follow-up, to ensure those connections remember you when the time is right.

how we help

Three steps to a profitable network

Define your brand

You explain what your business every time you make a new connection. We provide the framework for you to clearly and consistently explain the value you provide for your customers, creating stronger relationships with each handshake.

Reinforce your message

It takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember your brand​. We help you rack up those impressions through tailored LinkedIn content that showcases your expertise and reinforces your brand message. Sharing custom content not only generates valuable impressions,, it also makes consumers 61% more likely to purchase from you.

Curate top connections

With a well-defined message and a stream of LinkedIn content to reinforce it, the only thing left to do is start shaking hands. We help you introduce the right connections to your network by building a targeted list of potential customers in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and structuring your outreach efforts to those contacts, ensuring the right people see your message and that no high-value connections slip through the cracks.

Be the known expert in your professional network

how it works

Our proven process

Two phases. No long term commitments.

phase one

Go-to-Market Playbook

The first step to profitable networking is a clearly defined strategy. We develop a custom 12-point Go-to-Market playbook that includes everything you need to network with clarity and confidence.

GTM Playbook / Phase I Deliverables

Visual Brand


Sales & Messaging

phase two

Network Nurturing

Next, we bring your strategy to life by executing your GTM Playbook. We build a list of potential customers in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, help you structure outreach to those contacts, and track them in a CRM to build your pipeline.

Network Nurturing / Phase II Deliverables

the details

About our deliverables

Go-to-Market Playbook

Your GTM Playbook is your strategic roadmap for winning more deals through your professional network. Your playbook becomes the touchstone that guides your entire go-to-market strategy from content campaigns to sales meetings, enabling you to build stronger connections, maximize network opportunities, and drive substantial growth.

Managed LinkedIn Campaigns

LinkedIn is the worlds largest professional B2B network. If you want to win more deals through your network, you can’t afford to miss out on LinkedIn. Our managed LinkedIn campaigns elevate your personal brand by showcasing your expertise and unique insights. By targeting the right audience and maintaining consistent engagement, we ensure you’re top of mind with high-value connections in your network.

LinkedIn networking workshop

Posting on LinkedIn is only one part of profitable networking. You also need to engage with prospects and key connections. We make this easy by teaching you the latest social selling tactics, implementing a LinkedIn CRM with pipeline tracking, and structuring your networking efforts to generate more value for time invested. This workshop is a series of two 60-minute consulting calls focusing on first on LinkedIn engagement and second on LinkedIn networking.

Podcast guest campaigns

Podcasts are the cutting edge of personal branding and modern networking. By strategically placing your voice in this space, you can extend your reach with influentials hosts and their audiences, all while bolstering your expertise. We manage all the logistics, leaving you to focus on delivering insightful content and fostering valuable connections.


The questions we get asked the most. 

About our services

The GTM Playbok is your strategic roadmap that details how you show up online and how you talk about your solution. Your playbook will include the following components:

Sales and messaging

  • Value Proposition: A clear and concise statement that describes the unique benefits of your product or service, and how it addresses specific customer needs better than other solutions in the market.
  • Product Positioning: An in-depth strategy that defines how your product stands in relation to others in the market. This highlights the unique attributes and benefits that set your product apart from competitors.
  • Competitive Positioning: A comprehensive analysis that identifies where your brand stands in relation to competitors. It highlights your strengths and opportunities, offering insights into areas of differentiation and potential market advantages.
  • Persona Statements: Detailed narrative descriptions that capture the essence of each of your target customer segments. These statements provide insights into their motivations, pain points, and buying behaviors, ensuring your messaging resonates deeply with them.
  • ICP (Ideal Customer Profile): A highly detailed description of your most valuable and loyal customers. This profile dives into specifics like demographic details, behavioral patterns, and buying motivations to ensure you target and attract the best fit for your product or service.


Visual brand and voice

  • Brand Colors: A carefully selected palette of colors that represent the essence, values, and emotions associated with your brand. These colors ensure visual consistency across all brand touchpoints.
  • Brand Markers: Distinctive elements or symbols associated with your brand, which help in instantly differentiating your brand from competitors. These markers can be graphical, auditory, or even olfactory in nature.
  • Fonts: A selection of typefaces that align with your brand’s personality and tone. The choice of font plays a crucial role in enhancing readability and reinforcing brand identity across various platforms.
  • V&T Guidelines (Voice and Tone Guidelines): Comprehensive guidelines that detail how your brand communicates across various mediums. This includes the language, style, and emotional resonance to ensure brand consistency in all interactions.



  • Deck Template: A professionally designed presentation template that aligns with your brand’s colors, fonts, and markers, ensuring every pitch or meeting maintains brand consistency.
  • Social Templates: Customized design templates tailored for various social media platforms. These templates enable quick and consistent content creation that resonates with your target audience.
  • Email Signature Template: A signature design that embodies your brand, ensuring that every email sent is a reflection of your brand’s professionalism and identity.

Our process starts with the GTM Playbook, where we align on messaging and positioning. This guarantees consistent and natural communication about your industry and solution. Individual LinkedIn posts are formulated through interview questions, which we conduct asychronously through a custom recording link to ensure the content reflects your original ideas and expertise.

We aim to use a mix of video, image, and text-based posts. The exact mix depends on recent performance trends and your own preferences. Regardless of the content type, we craft messages that are strategically designed to ensure people in your network understand you’re a trusted expert they can work with.

Our process begins with crafting a detailed mockup or wireframe of your website, which serves as a mockup of the final product. After your approval on this design, we bring it to life by implementing it into a fully functional, live website that matches the communication strategy and visual brand laid out in your GTM Playbook.

What you should expect

Our services are primarily tailored for B2B executives and entrepreneurs. We look for clients that have found success generating business through their network and are seeking to enhance the effectiveness of their networking efforts.

Absolutely. The process of clarifying your brand, both in communication and visually, quickly boosts your credibility, making your existing networking and marketing efforts more effective.

Once you begin posting on LinkedIn, previous connections that you never expected to send you business will reach out with unsolicited referrals and requests for support. New connections will often mention your LinkedIn content, even if they’ve never liked or commented on your content directly. We call this the “lurker effect,” which refers to the idea that 90% of people on social networks only consume content without liking or engaging. Those lurkers are your future customers and referral partners.

Finally, the lift in credibility that comes from podcasting, LinkedIn posting, and professional branding can allow you to raise your prices and charge a premium for your solution.

While we support their networking through podcast guesting, clients play a crucial role in making new connections and staying active within their network. Clients should be prepared to spend 5 hours per week on activities related to networking and content creation. You can’t fake relationship building!

Marketing takes time and there is no window in which you can expect to see guaranteed results. However, our clients typically start generating new leads within 3 months, with the quantity and quality of those leads increasing over time. Some clients have closed new revenue in as little as 6 weeks!

Yes we do. We want to drive profitable, sustainable results for our clients. We can’t do that without a defined messaging and sales strategy, which is defined in the playbook. Don’t worry, our playbook development is billed on an hourly basis, meaning you won’t pay to redevelop well-defined parts of your brand and strategy.

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