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Houston, SEO has a problem

It’s an open secret — the quality of content served on Google has seen better days. The SERPs are dominated by over-optimized articles that don’t engage readers or solve problems.

We’re on a mission to change things. Here’s how. 👇

changing the game

Breaking the 🤝 freelancer model

Creating content that sounds like your brand requires consistency. Our writers are salaried, full-time team members so they can absorb your brand, attend coaching, spend more time researching, and create better content.

Salaried writers

Our writers are paid on salary, not by word. This incentivizes content quality > content volume.

Coaching & training

Understanding your brand like an internal team takes time. We conduct ongoing coaching sessions to fine-tune your content.

Your dedicated content team

Freelance writers juggling multiple projects will never give your brand the attention it deserves. We build you a dedicated content team that can go all-in on your brand.

support your writers, yo

Ruthless writer enablement 🚀

If creating amazing blog content was as easy as hiring a freelancer, the internet wouldn’t be full of junk. We believe in creating an environment where your writers have the coaching and support they need to punch above their weight.  

1:1 + team coaching

Our writers receive bi-weekly team training on your campaign as well as monthly 1:1 coaching with their editor.

The right kind of AI

We deploy AI-writing assistants so our writers can spend more time researching, and less time proofing.

Custom glossary terms

We build a custom glossary of terms for your writers to reference to drive consistency across articles.

people first content

Made-for-human consumption ❤️

We’re tired of reading crappy blog content. Our editors only approve articles that address search intent and read like they were made for humans, not crawlers.

Voice & tone guide

The first thing we build for your project is a voice & tone guide that ensures your content sounds on-brand.

Supporting graphics

Walls of text aren't approachable. Your content team comes with a dedicated coordinator to build custom graphics and supporting materials.

Emphasis on solving problems

Your readers expect to solve problems. We ensure all content directly addresses search intent to meet their expectations.

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